This list will range from the philosophical to the practical.  Some may have full blog posts dedicated to them, others may be random thought. One day I may even organize it!

  • Purchase fewer items, but make SURE they’re things you love.
  • Purchase items that have a loooong shelf life – that way you don’t have to keep repeat shopping when your little one out grows something (our Stokke Crib lasted until Peep was almost 4 with no additional parts purchased).
  • Look vertical within your space. What can the walls be used for?
  • A simple dowel secured inside of a tall skinny bookshelf can become a closet for baby clothes.
  • Look for local mom groups online.  They’re a great resource for advice, hand-me-downs and what’s going on in your area.
  • Pinterest could be your savior (and biggest time suck) for ideas.  Check out my board called Small Space – kids.
  • Maternity clothes take up a lot of space in your closet and eat up $$ from your wallet that you’d rather spend on other things.  Consider borrowing from a friend, or from a resource like bfyb or Borrow for Your Bump.

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