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Mini Cribs – A Great Option

Mini Cribs are just that…mini.  They are a great option for new babies because they really can fit all over the house.  You can have your baby sleep in your room for the first few months, without investing in a separate co-sleeper.  You can put them in a nook (or a closet) if you don’t have a separate nursery space.  They can easily fit into an existing child’s bedroom.  They are narrow enough to even move from room to room if needed. They are versatile and should last through the first year of your child’s life (depending on the size of your baby). … Continue reading

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Organize! Coat Racks for Kids

With Peep now in kindergarten, I’m realizing that we need some updated organization. One thing I’ve been looking at are coat racks for kids to help get things off the floor (which is where the backpack/jacket/lunch box seems to be dropped everyday).  Kids coat racks are a great thing for entryway items, but once I started to look at them, I realized they would be great in multiple places.  A corner in their room would work for those sweatshirts that never find their way back into the drawer.  Or, what about a dress-up coat rack?  Bag storage? (am I the … Continue reading

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BabyBjörn High Chair

The BabyBjörn high chair is one of the smallest portable high chairs I’ve seen.  This is a great option for tiny kitchens and apartment living.  Not only is it small in size when set up (21 X 22 X 33″), but it can be easily folded and put away.  When folded, it is only 10″ wide.  It is also relatively light – just 11lbs. The size and portability are great features, but there are more!  The tray system is unique in that you pull it forward and then lock it into place.  This creates an ergonomically correct sitting position for your child … Continue reading

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Kalon Caravan Crib

The Kalon Caravan Crib has been showing up all over the Internet lately, and with good reason.  On their site, Kalon says that it meets parent’s needs because it’s safe, green, practical and has great design.  I agree with all of this although I suspect that the great design is the reason they’re winning so many accolades (like Babble’s Best Crib 2011 – Reader’s Choice).   The Caravan Crib is a rather small crib 54.5 ” x 30 ” x 34″ (WxDxH) while fitting a standard size crib mattress.  One of the things I like best about it is that it turns into … Continue reading

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Small Nursery Design – Bold Wallpaper

Small nursery design can be daunting.  You want it to look and feel bigger, and often the thought is to go with subtle, calm colors to make it feel airy and bright.  This is one way to go…but you can also do the opposite.  Bright, bold wallpaper can make a small nursery feel larger.  It creates focus and dimension.  Here are a couple of great examples from Pinterest.   Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: lillemaison.blogspot.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: thebooandtheboy.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: blogs.babble.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: stilinspiration.blogspot.com via Emily … Continue reading

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Land of Nod Storage – Stepping it up!

Have you taken a gander at Land of Nod and in particular their storage solutions lately?  They have always been a bit “ho-hum” in my mind – perfectly nice, but usually a bit on the boring side.  Great for staples, but not that stylish.  Well, I’m loving their new storage – in particular their great shelf & wall storage and organization.  There are great colors, great shapes, shelves, hooks and more.  When organizing a small room, getting things up off the floor is a great way to make use of all the space. Here are some of my favorites. Source: Land of Nod … Continue reading

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Growth Charts

I was a lucky kid in many, many ways.  One great thing about my childhood was that I lived in the same old farmhouse for 20 years.  My parents never planned on moving, so they went ahead and made our growth chart on the inside door of the pantry. (Also, that’s what you did then!)  As we got older, we added friends and additional family to the door and it was truly a piece of our family history.  Well, you know it’s coming…we moved, and left the door and that history behind. (Cue my mom’s tears as she’s reading this.) … Continue reading

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Babyhome Dream Cot Review

I was introduced to the company Babyhome at Magic Bean’s Drool Expo a few months back.  Started in 2005, they aim to bring baby products to parents with a fresh and functional design.  And they do.  They make a variety of products (stroller, high chair, seat, etc) but I particularly liked their Dream cot. It’s compact – 28.13 x 32.75 x 21.13 (HxWxL) and only 13.2lbs and can be folded to be put away. But the best feature is the innovative adjustable leg system which with a simple click can make it go from being stationary to be a rocker … Continue reading

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Quinny Yezz Review – City Here You Come

I will admit that I have not seen this in person…but I WANT TO!!!  The Quinny Yezz was designed for city living.  This is a lightweight, fold-able, cool looking stroller. Some pros that I’ve come across: Light – only 11lbs total Folded, it is 27 x 10.6 x 9.3 inches Stands alone when folded – so you can “set it and forget it” (I’m pretty sure that phrase should have a ™) First stroller made entirely out of IXEF® which is a high performance plastic Skating wheels allows for easy maneuverability A literal rainbow of color choice – Gray, Blue, Red, … Continue reading

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Peep’s Travel Tent – phil & teds traveller™

I haven’t written about some of my own choices in products in awhile, so I thought I’d share one of my favorites – the phil & teds traveller.  My mom & I saw this at our local, upscale kid’s store when I was pregnant and she insisted that she purchase it for us. (Aren’t mom’s the best! Full disclosure, I know she had an ulterior motive – we’d need something to bring to her house for visits.)  What we like about it was that it had the convenience of a pack n’ play, but was smaller, lighter and frankly, more stylish. … Continue reading

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