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Teapot is here!

My little Teapot has arrived.  She was born November 30th, weighing in at 7lbs 5oz and looking the spitting image of her big sister.  Peep, as you can see in the pictures, is beyond thrilled with the addition of her sister.  We are now home and getting used to our new normal.  And, we are all, totally in love with this new addition. Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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Can 2 Car Seats Fit in a Mini Cooper?

We are 11 days away from meeting Teapot, and it’s starting to feel like Noah’s Ark around here – 2 kids, 2 kid beds, 2 of everything (actually, it’s not that bad, but you get the idea).  One thing that we also have is 2 cars since the subway conveniently stops at the doorstep of our town.  I have a Subaru Forester to do all my mom stuff in, and my husband has a Mini Cooper S since he spends most of his time in and out of the city.  I should mention here that my husband LOVES his Mini – … Continue reading

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The Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40

Last week I had the opportunity to learn more about the Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40 that was recently launched through an event hosted by Charlene of Charlene Chronicles.  What a great opportunity for a newer blogger such as myself to spend the evening learning about a great new baby product with a bunch of new and expectant moms.  I should also mention it was held at a MiniLuxe spa so I was also treated to a manicure – whoo-hoo!  Here we are, learning about the product: I am familiar with the line of  Graco SnugRide car seats since that’s what we … Continue reading


UrbanSitter – Date Night Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Last week I found myself doing something I thought I’d never have to do since meeting my husband 13 years ago – speed date. This time though, I was speed dating baby-sitters.  And more importantly, I was being introduced to an online service called UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter was founded by a few busy parents in the San Francisco area.  It’s an online resource for parents to find & book babysitters, but that’s just the beginning.  This FREE (yes free) service allows you to search your area to find sitters, post a last minute job you might have, set up an interview, see reviews, book them and … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Art Gallery

DIY Display for Your Child’s Art Peep makes a lot of artwork both at home and at school.  And she’s very proud of it and wants it to be displayed.  So our refrigerator is covered (which drives me crazy, but I know it’s part of the kid-gig) and she’s now claimed a corner in our dining room.  It’s a small corner that’s always been a bit “dead space” decorating-wise, so adding her artwork there seemed like a good idea.  However, she’s been taping her art up, which is not the best look.  And then I remembered a Pinterest Pin from … Continue reading


Weleda Skincare Products for your Baby – 15% off Offer

I love the smell of Calendula cremes – to me they are synonymous with sweet baby smell.  I chose to use the Weleda skincare products on Peep when she was a baby mostly because of the smell and because the natural ingredients would be easy on her skin.  They have a full line of Baby products including Diaper Care, Bath & Wash, Cremes & Lotions, Oils, Oral Care and Just for Mom.  They also have travel sizes and kits which are a great introduction to the line.               Weleda had a booth at the BlogHer conference … Continue reading

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Designing a Shared Kids Bedroom – Part 2

We still have months before Peep and Teapot will be sharing a room.  It has been so long since I’ve had the ability to dream about re-doing a room that I found I’ve been thinking about designing this shared kids bedroom a lot. I’ve been mostly dreaming about kids room decor, but what I really need to be thinking about is how everything will fit, how I will organize it, and what will stay and what will go.   The last time I posted about this shared bedroom, I shared the basic floor plan of the room in question.  I’ve made a couple … Continue reading

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This baby needs a name…

When I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, we found out the gender right around Easter time so we had friends lined up to bring pink Peeps or blue Peeps over to celebrate.  She was then on known as Peep and is still often called that.  Using her nickname on this blog was a no-brainer. This new child growing inside me needs a nickname here too.  We’ve had lots of name discussions about what her actual name will be and boy does Peep have some good ones.  I want to keep her as part of the process, but the reality … Continue reading


5 Friday Favorites – Pinterest

Since I’ve now announced that I’m pregnant, I can be more obvious about my Pinterest pins.  Peep and the new baby will be sharing a room, so I’ve started a new board called Shared Girls Room.  Here are five pins that have got my mind beginning to put design/function/organization together. Source: urbanoutfitters.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: Uploaded by user via Emily on Pinterest   Source: melissaesplin.com via Emily on Pinterest   Source: ohdeedoh.com via Emily on Pinterest   Does anyone have any great Pinterest boards I should be following to help … Continue reading

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Designing a Shared Bedroom

I announced earlier this week that we’re expecting another child, a girl, in early December.  Since we already have Peep, we have more than enough of the stuff any little girl will need.  But the one thing she will need is a room to live in!  The new baby and Peep will be sharing a room that we currently use as a guest room or really just a place for furniture & stuff to live in when we don’t know what to do with it.  I used Floorplanner (a great online tool) to help get me started because this is one difficult room … Continue reading

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