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Space Saving Tip for Toys

As Peep gets older, her toys and their parts just seem to get smaller but the boxes they come in just seem to get bigger and more annoying.  Small puzzle pieces come in odd shaped boxes.  Reading games come with wooden alphabet parts in odd shaped boxes.  Board games have dice and come in all different shaped, odd shaped boxes.  Legos (enough said). There’s a theme here.  The toy companies are trying their best to make our lives miserable by having all different shaped containers – big and round, big and square, small and square but a different size square from the … Continue reading

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Badger Basket – Folding Doll Furniture

If you have a child that loves all things baby as much as I do, and you have a small space, then these products are for you.  Badger Basket makes folding doll furniture.  The set includes a crib with storage, an armoire with 3 hangers and a high chair with tray.  And best of all, when your child isn’t playing with them, they can be folded up, and stored in a flat case.   Other Great Features: The furniture is made from sturdy pink canvas fabric and has a white binding. The crib and armoire have concealed magnets to hold them … Continue reading

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No space for toys? Rent them!

With the holiday season upon us, there are many Holiday Guides being put together both online and in our own heads.  What should I get my child? What do they need and/or want? What can I get rid of to make room for new things?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of extra space for new toys.  I am also very nervous about buying new things for Peep unless I know she’s going to love them and actually PLAY with them. (How many toys are sitting in your house not played with right now taking … Continue reading

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Indoor Hopscotch

There are days you just can’t get outside – either there are things to do at home, or the weather is not cooperating.  But kids still have energy – and they need to get it out.  You probably don’t have a dedicated “play room” that your kids can use to bounce off the walls, but you may have a hallway, or a little space in a room to bring one of the greatest outdoor games, inside – Hopscotch!  There are a couple of different options that range in price. 1. Use tape on a wood floor!  This is a pretty … Continue reading

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Folding Rocking Horse

Young kids love to move their bodies and get energy out.  One of the classic toys of all time is the rocking horse.  But do you really have the space?  And do you really want to look at it all the time? Enter the company HooHobbers.  They sell a folding rocking horse which is sure to please both child and parent.     It is a small horse – 22″ x 12″ x 29″ (HxWxD) and only weighs 5lbs, yet it can hold up to 75lbs of weight.  It has a soft head, a solid frame, handles and foot rests.  It … Continue reading

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The Kidco Go-Pod – Foldable, Portable Activity Seat

I like products that are light-weight, portable, easy to store, and that you don’t have to look at ALL THE TIME.  This does not apply to most toddler activity seats.  But with the Kidco Go-Pod, it does. This activity seat doesn’t come with a lot of bells & whistles, but it is your basic seat and you can add what you’re baby is interested in.  The age range they recommend is approximately 4 months to walking and it has 4 seat height positions to grow with your child. Additional Features: Locking Button – Ensures Go·Pod is locked in place; safe … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Kids are Lucky

As I say in my About Me section, one of my inspirations for starting CityBaby Living is my older sister, who I always just call Sister (she’s actually Aunt Sister around these parts). She lives in a 650 square foot apartment in Brooklyn with her husband and new daughter.  They are truly living the CityBaby life. Peep and I love to visit them for many, many reasons…this picture is just one of the benefits that Peep gets to enjoy. Brooklyn kids are just so lucky…   Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post … Continue reading

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Pets When You Want Them

There are many, many, many pros and cons to bringing a pet to come live with you.  Living in the city or a small apartment means another being in an already tight space.  We would love to have a dog, but since my husband and I both grew up on farms, the idea of a dog who has to go on walks and has no sense of freedom is a tough sell.  And I’m allergic to cats so that decision is easy.  But every kid needs to grow up with a pet – right? When Peep was about 2, I … Continue reading

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Peep’s Toy Nook

We don’t have a lot of extra room in this apartment.  And what room we have has already been utilized for things like couches, and a table to eat at.  So when it came time to find room for toys, we didn’t quite know what to do. Having been around enough kids to know they often prefer a shoe box to toys until they are much older, we bought a brown storage bin that could fit all of Peep’s toys until she was at least 1 year old.  She loved dumping it out, finding things, and using other items around … Continue reading

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