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Mini Cribs – A Great Option

Mini Cribs are just that…mini.  They are a great option for new babies because they really can fit all over the house.  You can have your baby sleep in your room for the first few months, without investing in a separate co-sleeper.  You can put them in a nook (or a closet) if you don’t have a separate nursery space.  They can easily fit into an existing child’s bedroom.  They are narrow enough to even move from room to room if needed. They are versatile and should last through the first year of your child’s life (depending on the size of your baby). … Continue reading

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Space Saving Tip for Toys

As Peep gets older, her toys and their parts just seem to get smaller but the boxes they come in just seem to get bigger and more annoying.  Small puzzle pieces come in odd shaped boxes.  Reading games come with wooden alphabet parts in odd shaped boxes.  Board games have dice and come in all different shaped, odd shaped boxes.  Legos (enough said). There’s a theme here.  The toy companies are trying their best to make our lives miserable by having all different shaped containers – big and round, big and square, small and square but a different size square from the … Continue reading

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Organization for a Small Nursery – 6 Double Duty Basics

If you’re faced with a tiny or small nursery space, organization is going to be key.  One of the most important design decisions is to make sure every item has more then one purpose, or will be able to grow with your child.  Some of these are so basic that I think we forget them when looking to put together a room. Six Double Duty Basics: 1. The crib.  I’m a true believer in purchasing a small crib that will grow with your child.  I do not believe that you need to buy one that will grow with them all the way to college (the crib … Continue reading


Badger Basket – Folding Doll Furniture

If you have a child that loves all things baby as much as I do, and you have a small space, then these products are for you.  Badger Basket makes folding doll furniture.  The set includes a crib with storage, an armoire with 3 hangers and a high chair with tray.  And best of all, when your child isn’t playing with them, they can be folded up, and stored in a flat case.   Other Great Features: The furniture is made from sturdy pink canvas fabric and has a white binding. The crib and armoire have concealed magnets to hold them … Continue reading

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Can 2 Car Seats Fit in a Mini Cooper?

We are 11 days away from meeting Teapot, and it’s starting to feel like Noah’s Ark around here – 2 kids, 2 kid beds, 2 of everything (actually, it’s not that bad, but you get the idea).  One thing that we also have is 2 cars since the subway conveniently stops at the doorstep of our town.  I have a Subaru Forester to do all my mom stuff in, and my husband has a Mini Cooper S since he spends most of his time in and out of the city.  I should mention here that my husband LOVES his Mini – … Continue reading

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BabyBjörn High Chair

The BabyBjörn high chair is one of the smallest portable high chairs I’ve seen.  This is a great option for tiny kitchens and apartment living.  Not only is it small in size when set up (21 X 22 X 33″), but it can be easily folded and put away.  When folded, it is only 10″ wide.  It is also relatively light – just 11lbs. The size and portability are great features, but there are more!  The tray system is unique in that you pull it forward and then lock it into place.  This creates an ergonomically correct sitting position for your child … Continue reading

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Svan High Chair Review – Small & Unique

The Svan Signet high chair is a beautifully designed wooden high chair designed by two fathers in Sweden.  The company’s mission is create functional baby/children products that parents won’t mind keeping out when company comes over.  They didn’t even need to tell me more. As with all products I like to write about, the Svan high chair has a small footprint – 34.5 X 20 X 22.25″ (H xWxL) and is designed to be the size of a typical kitchen chair that (without its tray) can be pulled up to a table. Similarly to the Stokke Tripp Trapp (our high chair) the Svan … Continue reading

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Designing a Shared Bedroom

I announced earlier this week that we’re expecting another child, a girl, in early December.  Since we already have Peep, we have more than enough of the stuff any little girl will need.  But the one thing she will need is a room to live in!  The new baby and Peep will be sharing a room that we currently use as a guest room or really just a place for furniture & stuff to live in when we don’t know what to do with it.  I used Floorplanner (a great online tool) to help get me started because this is one difficult room … Continue reading

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Kalon Caravan Crib

The Kalon Caravan Crib has been showing up all over the Internet lately, and with good reason.  On their site, Kalon says that it meets parent’s needs because it’s safe, green, practical and has great design.  I agree with all of this although I suspect that the great design is the reason they’re winning so many accolades (like Babble’s Best Crib 2011 – Reader’s Choice).   The Caravan Crib is a rather small crib 54.5 ” x 30 ” x 34″ (WxDxH) while fitting a standard size crib mattress.  One of the things I like best about it is that it turns into … Continue reading

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Folding Rocking Horse

Young kids love to move their bodies and get energy out.  One of the classic toys of all time is the rocking horse.  But do you really have the space?  And do you really want to look at it all the time? Enter the company HooHobbers.  They sell a folding rocking horse which is sure to please both child and parent.     It is a small horse – 22″ x 12″ x 29″ (HxWxD) and only weighs 5lbs, yet it can hold up to 75lbs of weight.  It has a soft head, a solid frame, handles and foot rests.  It … Continue reading

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