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Organize! Coat Racks for Kids

With Peep now in kindergarten, I’m realizing that we need some updated organization. One thing I’ve been looking at are coat racks for kids to help get things off the floor (which is where the backpack/jacket/lunch box seems to be dropped everyday).  Kids coat racks are a great thing for entryway items, but once I started to look at them, I realized they would be great in multiple places.  A corner in their room would work for those sweatshirts that never find their way back into the drawer.  Or, what about a dress-up coat rack?  Bag storage? (am I the … Continue reading

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Umbrella Stroller Accessories

Umbrella strollers are fabulous, except for their sometimes lack of storage.  We chose the Bugaboo stroller for Peep and will continue to use it for Teapot since we loved it.  But it’s not always the most convenient to travel with (especially via plane), so we also have a Chicco Umbrella Stroller which came in handy quite often.  The thing I found most frustrating about the umbrella stroller, was there was no place to put stuff.  The storage below could really only fit a few things, and if you hung too much on the sides, it became very tippy. There are lots … Continue reading

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Land of Nod Storage – Stepping it up!

Have you taken a gander at Land of Nod and in particular their storage solutions lately?  They have always been a bit “ho-hum” in my mind – perfectly nice, but usually a bit on the boring side.  Great for staples, but not that stylish.  Well, I’m loving their new storage – in particular their great shelf & wall storage and organization.  There are great colors, great shapes, shelves, hooks and more.  When organizing a small room, getting things up off the floor is a great way to make use of all the space. Here are some of my favorites. Source: Land of Nod … Continue reading

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The Kidco Go-Pod – Foldable, Portable Activity Seat

I like products that are light-weight, portable, easy to store, and that you don’t have to look at ALL THE TIME.  This does not apply to most toddler activity seats.  But with the Kidco Go-Pod, it does. This activity seat doesn’t come with a lot of bells & whistles, but it is your basic seat and you can add what you’re baby is interested in.  The age range they recommend is approximately 4 months to walking and it has 4 seat height positions to grow with your child. Additional Features: Locking Button – Ensures Go·Pod is locked in place; safe … Continue reading

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No space to put pictures? StickyGram to the rescue!

I don’t have a lot of spare, free space in my house.  Nor do I have a lot of free walls.  But I do have a lot of family pictures that I’d love to display – my family, my husband’s family, Peep, Peep, and oh, more pictures of Peep. What I do have is a refrigerator.  So, why not turn some of those pictures into magnets? Enter StickyGram.  This online company will turn your photos from Instagram into magnets for $14.99 and free shipping.  You get a sheet of 9 – each are 50mm x 50mm which is approximately the … Continue reading

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Collapsable Bath Tub

Has your child outgrown the kitchen sink?  Many city apartments come with just a stand up shower – so where does your child take that fun, and much needed bath?  Luckily, there are options!  Like this one from Prince Lionheart – it’s called the Flexi Bath Tub.  You can fold it up and put it away when you don’t need it. This lightweight (3.34 lbs) and small footprint (9.4″ x 24.75 W x D) comes in a range of colors – Pink, Green, Clear, White, Purple and Blue.  They say it works for kids from birth to age 4 although, … Continue reading

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Creative Nightlight Option

No room for a nightlight in that small room/nook/corner your child sleeps in?  How about a glow in the dark decal?  I’m really not kidding (Peep’s favorite saying).  My Sweet Muffin carries this very creative option for keeping the monsters in the closet.  During the day, it is a very modern yellow decal, but at night it shows its phosphorescent properties.  It’s a bit on the splurge side at $48, but hey,  it is coming all the way from France.  The text in the bulbs says “bonne nuit” or “good night” in French.     I think they’re kind of … Continue reading

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StrollAway from MetroTots

Leave it to City-Moms to create usable products.  I love this storage unit called StollAway from MetroTots.  The history of how Mary Ann Schwanewede came up with it: “Without thinking much of it she trekked to the baby gear store and asked for ‘a hook to store my folded stroller’ . The salesman looked at her blankly and said no such thing existed. She found this hard to believe; she couldn’t be the only one in this city of 8 million, many of whom are parents, to have this problem. Everywhere she looked in her downtown neighborhood she saw a parade of … Continue reading


The Skip Hop Pronto…the one thing I couldn’t live without

Peep was kind of a grab and go kid.  I breastfed. She didn’t spit up or have huge diaper accidents.  If I left with her, I could literally just leave with some diapers, wipes, my breasts and her.  Which meant that I was pretty free to use any bag I wanted.  The Skip Hop Pronto! changing station was the best thing I owned during this time.  I cannot say enough great things about it – it has just enough room for about four diapers, some wipes and a couple of other small things like extra socks or gas medicine.  It is probably the … Continue reading

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