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Micralite Fastfold Super-Lite – First Sighting

I kind of stalked a mom yesterday as she was leaving the library.  Stalk is a bit harsh, but I did hasten my walk so that I could catch up at the street crossing and check out the brand of stroller she was pushing.  It’s a Micralite Fastfold Super-Lite and it’s really cool looking! It has a very triangular seat and a big basket below for storage.  The canopies come in basic black, gray, red, blue and yellow.  Best of all, it is only 14lbs and can be maneuvered with just one hand! The Micralite company is located in the UK … Continue reading

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StrollAway from MetroTots

Leave it to City-Moms to create usable products.  I love this storage unit called StollAway from MetroTots.  The history of how Mary Ann Schwanewede came up with it: “Without thinking much of it she trekked to the baby gear store and asked for ‘a hook to store my folded stroller’ . The salesman looked at her blankly and said no such thing existed. She found this hard to believe; she couldn’t be the only one in this city of 8 million, many of whom are parents, to have this problem. Everywhere she looked in her downtown neighborhood she saw a parade of … Continue reading


Brooklyn Kids are Lucky

As I say in my About Me section, one of my inspirations for starting CityBaby Living is my older sister, who I always just call Sister (she’s actually Aunt Sister around these parts). She lives in a 650 square foot apartment in Brooklyn with her husband and new daughter.  They are truly living the CityBaby life. Peep and I love to visit them for many, many reasons…this picture is just one of the benefits that Peep gets to enjoy. Brooklyn kids are just so lucky…   Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post … Continue reading

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Peep’s Sweet Ride – The Bugaboo Cameleon

As I mentioned in a post about Peep’s crib my husband I had made the decision to purchase fewer, more expensive items that we loved instead of many things we only sort of liked.  This was how we ended up with the Bugaboo Cameleon. The Bugaboo company was founded in 1999 headquartered in Amsterdam and brought to the US in 2003.  I didn’t start seeing them until just before I got pregnant at the end of 2006.  Today’s strollers as we know them did not exist. (It’s hard to believe how far strollers have come in 4-5 years.) The Bugaboo was cool, modern, techy, expensive … Continue reading


The Skip Hop Pronto…the one thing I couldn’t live without

Peep was kind of a grab and go kid.  I breastfed. She didn’t spit up or have huge diaper accidents.  If I left with her, I could literally just leave with some diapers, wipes, my breasts and her.  Which meant that I was pretty free to use any bag I wanted.  The Skip Hop Pronto! changing station was the best thing I owned during this time.  I cannot say enough great things about it – it has just enough room for about four diapers, some wipes and a couple of other small things like extra socks or gas medicine.  It is probably the … Continue reading

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