BabyBjörn High Chair

The BabyBjörn high chair is one of the smallest portable high chairs I’ve seen.  This is a great option for tiny kitchens and apartment living.  Not only is it small in size when set up (21 X 22 X 33″), but it can be easily folded and put away.  When folded, it is only 10″ wide.  It is also relatively light – just 11lbs.

The size and portability are great features, but there are more!  The tray system is unique in that you pull it forward and then lock it into place.  This creates an ergonomically correct sitting position for your child and also keeps your child secure from moving, fidgeting or pushing back out of the chair.  Because it sits close to your child, it also helps keep all that food from dropping down onto their lap (Bonus!).  This lockable tray has a detachable top for easy cleaning.

BabyBjörn recommends to start using this chair once a child can sit up on their own (around 5 months) and can be used until the child is 3.  Now, this seems to be pushing it size-wise – but Peep was pretty big at age 3 so maybe a smaller child could use it up until then.

The color choice is pretty basic – black & white or black & red.  It retails for $300 and can be found in multiple online stores as well as upscale brick and mortar stores.  I think the price may be a bit high as I’m not convinced it will go the distance. BabyBjörn is known for quality so if you have a tiny space and are only buying a few baby items, this may be a great option.









Photo Source: BabyBjörn
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