Humidifiers for the Winter

Once the heat turns on, I forget how dry my apartment becomes.  The static hair should be my first clue, but every year I forget.  Humidifiers for the apartment and especially one at night makes all the difference – particularly when your little one gets a cold (as in they get it in November and it goes away in May).  Most that you can buy today are cool mist, although I chose a warm mist one as it helped my daughter’s colds more.  Here are a few that I love – some for adult space and some for kids.

Stadler Form Fred Humidifier by Azzuro (comes in multiple colors)

Raindrop Cool Mist Humidifier (comes in multiple colors)

OSKAR Humidifier by Stadler Form (comes in black and white)

Penguin Humidifier by Crane (this also comes in elephants, owls, frogs, pigs etc.)

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Elephant by Kids Line (comes in other animal choices)

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