This baby needs a name…

When I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, we found out the gender right around Easter time so we had friends lined up to bring pink Peeps or blue Peeps over to celebrate.  She was then on known as Peep and is still often called that.  Using her nickname on this blog was a no-brainer.

This new child growing inside me needs a nickname here too.  We’ve had lots of name discussions about what her actual name will be and boy does Peep have some good ones.  I want to keep her as part of the process, but the reality is, she’s got little to no say in what her sister’s real name will be.

But not so with the nickname.  And so from here on out, this new baby will be called Teapot.

Growing up, my middle name started with a T.  When I was born, my older sister, at age 2, thought that it was the kind of tea that you drank…so my nickname growing up (and still with my parents at times) was Teacup.  Peep, in her knowledge of that, decided that this baby should be Teapot.  I kind of love it.

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5 Responses to This baby needs a name…

  1. bhardt says:

    I think its time to for the Lionel Richie Teapot. Love it!

  2. Mom101 says:

    I love Teapot! We were boring: “Little Bean.” But I always loved that Christina from named her first Cletus. As in Cletus the Fetus.

    Thanks for the comment at my place today.

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Clearly you know from my comment that this is a thrill! I have a niece “Bean” but I think Cletus the Fetus takes the cake.

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