Can 2 Car Seats Fit in a Mini Cooper?

Can 2 Car Seats Fit in a Mini Cooper?We are 11 days away from meeting Teapot, and it’s starting to feel like Noah’s Ark around here – 2 kids, 2 kid beds, 2 of everything (actually, it’s not that bad, but you get the idea).  One thing that we also have is 2 cars since the subway conveniently stops at the doorstep of our town.  I have a Subaru Forester to do all my mom stuff in, and my husband has a Mini Cooper S since he spends most of his time in and out of the city.  I should mention here that my husband LOVES his Mini – it’s his first brand-new-off-the-lot-car and he’s kind of a “car-guy” so loves the sporty handling and the “zippy-ness” as Peep says.  The two of them go off on adventures in it all the time.

Since I have the bigger car, I’ve never worried about 2 car seats fitting into my back seat.  However, the Mini is another question.  We have been putting off trying to put 2 car seats into the Mini until now.  The fact is, Peep’s booster fits perfectly behind the passenger seat.  I’m short (5′) so I don’t mind moving up a little in the front and we can easily go places as a family.  My husband is tall (6’2″) so the driver seat is all the way back and is about one inch from the back seat. So given this, the question remains…can 2 car seats fit in a Mini Cooper?

The answer we found this weekend is – kind of.  The infant seat will fit behind the passenger seat if it’s all the way forward, and Peep can fit behind my husband if she puts her feet up a little, and he pulls forward an inch or so.  Not ideal for anyone.  But…it’s not for forever right?  And I’m sure Noah’s Ark got a bit tight in the large animal section right?

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