Indoor Hopscotch

There are days you just can’t get outside – either there are things to do at home, or the weather is not cooperating.  But kids still have energy – and they need to get it out.  You probably don’t have a dedicated “play room” that your kids can use to bounce off the walls, but you may have a hallway, or a little space in a room to bring one of the greatest outdoor games, inside – Hopscotch!  There are a couple of different options that range in price.

1. Use tape on a wood floor!  This is a pretty cheap/free way to turn your hallway into a play space.


2. Get a play mat that can be rolled up and stored when not in use.  Etsy, as always is a great place to find one.  They range in price and in design.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


If you’ve got the DIY bug, you could probably make your own mat.  I think the only thing I’d worry about with the mat is the kids slipping on it.  They would probably think this was a bonus.

3. There are also hopscotch rugs that you can get.  A simple google search will bring up a huge variety to choose from.  These probably wouldn’t be my first choice since they’re more permanent additions to your house’s decor.

Good luck getting some of the wiggles out!

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One Response to Indoor Hopscotch

  1. Vanita says:

    what a great idea girl! who can resist jumping in squares? also a great way to study numbers.

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