Quality Baby Products Last

When Peep was born (5.5 years ago), my husband and I decided that we would purchase fewer things, and instead invest in well designed, high quality baby staples that we loved – you know, the whole quality over quantity thing.  Our two big ticket items was the Stokke crib and the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller.  Peep used both for 3+ years, and we remained very pleased with our decision.

With the arrival of Teapot, both are back in our lives and used daily.

Stokke Crib

Teapot in Bugaboo Cameleon


When we moved Peep out of her Stokke, she started sleeping in the best example of “they don’t make em’ like they used to” beds.  Roughly 38 years ago, my parents purchased an antique farmhouse bed that was slightly shorter than a twin, cut the legs down and made the sweetest little kid’s bed I’ve seen.  All 4 of my siblings and I slept in this bed, it was a daybed in our TV area for 15 years, and now it is where Peep dreams each night.  Obviously it has had new mattresses along the way, but other then that and a couple of coats of paint on the headboard, it remains as solid as ever.  Given that I’m a sentimental creature, I get daily pleasure snuggling Peep each night in my childhood bed that will hopefully live long enough for her to pass on.

(Another sentimental note: the doll that is sleeping there on the left was also my childhood doll. I promise that I’m just a sentimental keeper of things…not a  hoarder.)

So as you make purchase decisions, consider purchasing quality baby furniture & gear over quantity – you might just see your grandkids using it one day.


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