Save Space – Put your Crib in a Closet

We live in a fairly old house so we were not blessed with very many closets. But, if I lived in a newer construction that had maybe just one closet to spare, I’d definitely choose to do something like this.  Or, if I was not blessed with a 2nd bedroom and needed to be super creative with where my child slept. From beds, to nooks, to changing stations, there is no limit to what you can do these days.



Other Uses

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Kudos creative parents!

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One Response to Save Space – Put your Crib in a Closet

  1. Sunshine says:

    Yes! Love these examples, which could work for so many things, not even just a crib. It made me think that I actually could move to the midtown NYC 1-bedroom. Probably not happening now, but happy to know it is feasible for when we move back to Boston proper (aka civilization).

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