P’Kolino Toddler Bed & Chair

P'Kolino Toddler Bed and ChairIf you’re a reader, you know I love a convertible bed (from infant through toddler) because you only have to purchase one and it lasts for so long. But, if you used a co-sleeper or mini crib for your infant, you may like this option for when they get a bit bigger.  The P’Kolino Toddler Bed & Chair is a very small, and very stylish toddler bed.  And, it does turn into a chair when they out-grow it!


P'Kolino Chair

As with everything on CityBaby Living, this has a small footprint – 30″ x 52″ x 20″ (WxLxH).  In fact, it fits a standard crib mattress which makes it easy to buy sheets for!  Depending on when you transition to this bed, your child should be able to be in it for several years without taking up any more room than a crib.  The price is relatively reasonable – $289 from their website. The bed/chair combo comes in this Orange/Natural color as well as a White/Natural and White/Cafe con Leche (dark wood).   But did you really think I’d show anything except for the Orange version?

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