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Pets When You Want Them

There are many, many, many pros and cons to bringing a pet to come live with you.  Living in the city or a small apartment means another being in an already tight space.  We would love to have a dog, but since my husband and I both grew up on farms, the idea of a dog who has to go on walks and has no sense of freedom is a tough sell.  And I’m allergic to cats so that decision is easy.  But every kid needs to grow up with a pet – right? When Peep was about 2, I … Continue reading

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Astro High Chair from Valco

The Astro High Chair from Valco is a very economical and modern high chair which would be a great addition to a small space.  Two words: IT FOLDS.  Yes, it folds down into nothing and can be easily stored when not in use.  I love that style doesn’t always come with a high price tag. When it is in use, the dimensions are 22.4″W x 31.5″D x 37.8″H and folded down it becomes 22.4″W x 31.5″D x 6.7″H.  There are a number of places to purchase this online, and the price range is between $129 – $149, so it is on … Continue reading

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Humidifiers for the Winter

Once the heat turns on, I forget how dry my apartment becomes.  The static hair should be my first clue, but every year I forget.  Humidifiers for the apartment and especially one at night makes all the difference – particularly when your little one gets a cold (as in they get it in November and it goes away in May).  Most that you can buy today are cool mist, although I chose a warm mist one as it helped my daughter’s colds more.  Here are a few that I love – some for adult space and some for kids. Stadler Form Fred … Continue reading

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The Skip Hop Pronto…the one thing I couldn’t live without

Peep was kind of a grab and go kid.  I breastfed. She didn’t spit up or have huge diaper accidents.  If I left with her, I could literally just leave with some diapers, wipes, my breasts and her.  Which meant that I was pretty free to use any bag I wanted.  The Skip Hop Pronto! changing station was the best thing I owned during this time.  I cannot say enough great things about it – it has just enough room for about four diapers, some wipes and a couple of other small things like extra socks or gas medicine.  It is probably the … Continue reading

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