Peep’s High Chair – Stokke Tripp Trapp

My office threw me a great baby shower about 3 weeks before I gave birth.  My dear friend insisted that instead of individual gifts, they all pitch in and get me one nice thing (she knew my theory on fewer, better items).  I hadn’t registered for a highchair, but she steered the group that way.  They bought me the Stokke Tripp Trapp in bright red.  I loved the chair, but did exchange it for the Cherry to match our dining room. It has proved to be a great chair, and is still used daily.


  • Small footprint – 13.3″ x 30.7″ x 18.1″ (DxHxW)
  • Pulls right to the table – just move one chair out and slide this one in – really allows child to be a part of the meal
  • Grows with child
  • Easy to adjust – just a loosen/tighten of a screw or two
  • Attractive – nothing big and plastic!
  • Easy to clean (see cushion “con” below)
  • Even comfortable for adults to sit in (granted, I’m only 5’ – my 6’2″ husband might disagree here)


  • No tray – I did love to pull my daughter up to the table, but there were times I wanted to just sit her in something with a tray (I did just see this tray for sale – it’s not by Stokke, but is made for the Tripp Trapp – MAJOR PLUS!!)
  • Harness – I found it awkwardly placed – too low to go comfortably over the shoulders
  • The cushion – while it added to the design, a cloth cushion on a baby/toddler/kids seat is really just added laundry

To see what another Mom has to say, here is a link to a review by

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4 Responses to Peep’s High Chair – Stokke Tripp Trapp

  1. Laura says:

    I just bought this highchair! So excited, we got it in black to match our table, and it came with the “baby seat” attachment in a great bundle deal (also came w free water repellant cushion) which allows use from 6 months. We don’t live in the city, but we live on a lake, and have traded space for waterfront. Our house is about 1200 sq ft, and all open space, so I have been looking for items that will fit in with our space, and not transform it into babyland. Thanks for all the great suggestions that allow us to integrate our little one, while not having to give up the decor we love!

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  3. AmazingIvo says:

    This chair was the most useful gift to my brother and his wife which have 1 year old baby.

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