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Room Within a Room

If you have very little space, it is possible to create a mini room within a room just for your baby or your growing child.  These two options combine a bed, a dresser and more! Source: modernparentsmessykids.com via Emily on Pinterest As Peep is 4.5, this larger bed is very appealing.  At 5′ x 8′ in size, it seems like a potentially magic place. Source: rosenberryrooms.com via Emily on Pinterest Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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Creative Nightlight Option

No room for a nightlight in that small room/nook/corner your child sleeps in?  How about a glow in the dark decal?  I’m really not kidding (Peep’s favorite saying).  My Sweet Muffin carries this very creative option for keeping the monsters in the closet.  During the day, it is a very modern yellow decal, but at night it shows its phosphorescent properties.  It’s a bit on the splurge side at $48, but hey,  it is coming all the way from France.  The text in the bulbs says “bonne nuit” or “good night” in French.     I think they’re kind of … Continue reading

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P’Kolino Toddler Bed & Chair

If you’re a reader, you know I love a convertible bed (from infant through toddler) because you only have to purchase one and it lasts for so long. But, if you used a co-sleeper or mini crib for your infant, you may like this option for when they get a bit bigger.  The P’Kolino Toddler Bed & Chair is a very small, and very stylish toddler bed.  And, it does turn into a chair when they out-grow it!   As with everything on CityBaby Living, this has a small footprint – 30″ x 52″ x 20″ (WxLxH).  In fact, it … Continue reading

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The p. pod 5 in 1 crib from Gro Furniture

More crib envy here.  The p. pod 5 in 1 companion crib from Gro Furniture is both small and smart. It is one of my favorite types of baby furniture to write about here on CityBaby Living, because it is a convertible product. Not only will it grow with you as your child goes from infant to toddler, but then it can become a play space or even a desk. The dimensions 32.38″ x 55.38″ x 37.25″ (DxLxH) will fit nicely in a small space but is slightly larger than the Stokee Sleepi and the Leander 4 in 1 cribs I’ve already written about. … Continue reading

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Bloom Luxo Sleep

I’m really loving the company Bloom right now.  They were started by 4 dads who wanted to bring function and form together.  And they did.  They have a number of products that I’ll be showcasing, but the first is their Bloom Luxo Sleep™ which comes with adjustable sides or not.  The size is small, slightly larger than the Stokke and Leaner cribs (mostly in length) coming in at 55.25″W x 29.75″D x 36.25″H.  As with the Stokke and Leander, the Luxo also grows with your child from age 0 to age 5. While the Luxo is a bit larger, it does come with a smaller price … Continue reading

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Leander 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from Tulip

I’ve seen this Leander 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from Tulip in a couple of store, and it is beautiful.  The curvy lines are lovely.  And it’s compact.  The dimensions (48L x 28D x 38H) are just an inch or two smaller than the Stokke Sleepi.  One of the best features is that it converts from a newborn crib to a junior bed and everything you need is included when you purchase it.  The ability for one child to grow with it for such a long time really makes this bed.  The last thing anyone wants is to keep buying beds!   The colors … Continue reading


Humidifiers for the Winter

Once the heat turns on, I forget how dry my apartment becomes.  The static hair should be my first clue, but every year I forget.  Humidifiers for the apartment and especially one at night makes all the difference – particularly when your little one gets a cold (as in they get it in November and it goes away in May).  Most that you can buy today are cool mist, although I chose a warm mist one as it helped my daughter’s colds more.  Here are a few that I love – some for adult space and some for kids. Stadler Form Fred … Continue reading

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Peep’s Changing Area

I’ve never understood having separate changing tables.  I suppose if you have a lot of space they make sense but it always seemed like bringing in another piece of furniture that had a very short shelf life. We chose to get a short, 3 drawer dresser from Ikea and put the changing pad on top of that.  This worked very well for us.  The top drawer of the dresser was filled with diaper needs.  I used organizing boxes (again from Ikea) in the drawer for diapers, creams, medicines, etc. Now that Peep’s 4, and we’re totally out of diapers, the dresser is … Continue reading

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Peep’s Crib – The Stokke Sleepi

My daughter’s room is a converted porch measuring 7.5’ by 11’ which should be plenty of room for one small child.  It is a very sweet room that is only accessed through our bedroom.  It also comes with 6 windows, 2 doors, a radiator and a built in window seat.  There is no wall that doesn’t have some design challenge and there was no way a huge crib would fit.  We also were not interested in the design of these cribs.  This was 4.5 years ago and the options were slim. When I started to research smaller cribs, there wasn’t much … Continue reading

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